Life at Amanotes

Amanotes welcomes you in a way that is a little bit different from other companies.

There is no receptionist. When the doorbell rings, any Amanoters can be the one to open the door and welcome you with the warmest smile.

On your first working day, we gather the whole company to present you a musical orientation. We dance, sing, share and present you with a gift.

Don’t forget to prepare a performance to join us, any level of performance is greatly appreciated!

A fun workplace like no other
When the doorbell rings, guaranteed you will be greeted with the warmest smile. Be prepared for a music-filled journey where we welcome our teammates with exciting first-day performances, quarterly events, musical classes and more!

Where different minds share the same vision
Come and see how a diverse workplace of 10+ nationalities can speak the same language of music. At Amanotes, you will always experience the global environment, and together deliver world-class products. 

Why Amanotes?

Amanotes Vietnam Co., Ltd

Where Talents Grow

We seek top talents, create for them a friendly and fun environment, and help each other to be the best version of ourselves

Amanotes Vietnam Co., Ltd

Performance is Valued

We believe that everyone should be fairly rewarded for their contribution. Your result is key here - you get what you give.

Amanotes Vietnam Co., Ltd

Music is our Driving Force

Music makes our heart beat. It is not only a core in our products but also a way to connect through learning, playing or just enjoying it together.

Amanotes Vietnam Co., Ltd

Global Focus

Our products are changing the worldwide music tech industry. You’ll work with people from different countries on ideas that don’t have borders

Amanotes Vietnam Co., Ltd

Everyone is a Leader

Our talents have the freedom to pursue and achieve their goals. Accountability, transparency in making decisions, and giving feedback are highly encouraged. .

Our People

Our People